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M10000 was the first lightweight streamlined passenger train in the United States powered by internal combustion.  After an initial promotional tour of the nation, it was placed into revenue service by Union Pacific between Salina, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri and named the City of Salina.  Most of my photos are from around the Salina, Kansas, area and I am a Union Pacific fan.

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Union Pacific AC44CW
   -Added 12/15/2013 3:58:15 PM
   -Added 12/8/2013 8:02:09 PM
Southern Pacific SD45T2
   -Added 12/8/2013 6:59:13 PM
   -Added 12/1/2013 7:23:17 PM
Santa Fe C41-8W
   -Added 12/1/2013 7:17:17 PM
   -Added 11/30/2013 1:37:43 PM
   -Added 11/30/2013 1:22:45 PM
Norfolk Southern D9-40C
   -Added 11/29/2013 1:05:19 PM
   -Added 11/17/2013 7:43:20 PM
   -Added 11/17/2013 7:28:54 PM
   -Added 11/17/2013 7:20:44 PM
Union Pacific AC45CCTE
   -Added 11/17/2013 6:45:42 PM
Union Pacific SD60M
   -Added 11/17/2013 5:58:46 PM
Wilson, Kansas, Union Pacific
   -Added 11/17/2013 5:24:35 PM
Kansas City Southern SD70MAC
   -Added 11/17/2013 5:00:51 PM
Union Pacific C41-8W
   -Added 11/17/2013 4:56:38 PM
Union Pacific AC44CWCTE
   -Added 11/16/2013 9:06:05 AM
Union Pacific AC44C
   -Added 11/3/2013 3:25:38 PM
Union Pacific SD70
   -Added 11/3/2013 9:03:33 AM
Union Pacific GP38-2
   -Added 11/3/2013 8:59:28 AM
Norfolk Southern D9-40CW
   -Added 10/27/2013 1:59:11 PM
Union Pacific AC44CW
   -Added 10/26/2013 3:02:35 PM
SATX Coal Hoppers
   -Added 10/26/2013 2:44:25 PM
Union Pacific SD70ACe
   -Added 8/25/2013 5:30:26 PM
Union Pacific Modern General Electric Diesel Power
   -Added 8/25/2013 4:30:26 PM
Union Pacific SD90s
   -Added 8/18/2013 4:18:30 PM
Union Pacific, Salina, Kansas
   -Added 7/28/2013 6:12:58 PM
Cheyenne, Wyoming Union Pacific Depot
   -Added 1/1/2013 4:43:20 PM
BNSF in Montana
   -Added 12/29/2012 6:22:56 PM
Montana Rail Link
   -Added 12/29/2012 6:13:09 PM
Livingston, Montana Northern Pacific station
   -Added 12/29/2012 5:49:06 PM
Missouri Pacific
   -Added 12/12/2012 10:37:43 PM
Santa Fe freight station, Salina, Kansas
   -Added 12/12/2012 10:13:26 PM
The disappearing Rock Island line
   -Added 12/12/2012 10:11:34 PM
Older power in Kansas
   -Added 12/12/2012 10:05:31 PM
Updated Photo Albums
Union Pacific AC44CWCTE
   -Updated 12/15/2013 6:24:22 PM
Union Pacific, Salina, Kansas
   -Updated 12/15/2013 5:30:57 PM
   -Updated 12/8/2013 8:06:37 PM
Santa Fe freight station, Salina, Kansas
   -Updated 11/17/2013 8:06:29 PM
Older power in Kansas
   -Updated 11/17/2013 8:00:01 PM
SATX Coal Hoppers
   -Updated 11/17/2013 7:39:04 PM
Union Pacific GP38-2
   -Updated 11/17/2013 7:14:42 PM
Union Pacific AC44CW
   -Updated 11/17/2013 6:56:17 PM
Union Pacific Maintenance of Way
   -Updated 11/17/2013 5:51:00 PM
Atchison, Kansas
   -Updated 11/17/2013 4:41:37 PM
Kansas City Southern SD70ACe
   -Updated 11/17/2013 7:25:01 AM
Union Pacific SD90s
   -Updated 11/16/2013 8:57:46 AM
Norfolk Southern
   -Updated 7/28/2013 5:36:13 PM
Park and Museum Locomotives
   -Updated 1/26/2013 8:25:05 PM
   -Updated 1/26/2013 8:17:02 PM
Modern Diesels with Unique Paint Schemes
   -Updated 1/26/2013 7:57:35 PM
Union Pacific Locomotives - Modern Era (1990 - Present)
   -Updated 1/26/2013 7:56:25 PM
BNSF in Montana
   -Updated 1/26/2013 7:40:54 PM
BNSF at or near St. Joseph, Missouri
   -Updated 1/21/2013 2:48:02 PM
Salina, Kansas, Union Station
   -Updated 12/12/2012 9:33:44 PM
BNSF Executive Scheme
   -Updated 7/11/2012 10:44:23 PM
Museum of Transportation
   -Updated 7/8/2012 1:55:22 PM
Santa Fe "Heritage"
   -Updated 7/8/2012 8:24:40 AM
Norfolk Southern Diesels west of the Mississippi
   -Updated 6/29/2012 8:42:03 PM
Union Pacific South Central States Heritage Express, Salina, Kansas, April 2006
   -Updated 2/18/2012 9:47:38 PM

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